Heidelberg’s wild 1970ies – Exhibition at Kurpfaelzisches Museum

Awakening of a city – Heidelberg’s wild era of the 1970ies
Exhibition May 16 to September 21, 2014

Heidelbergs wilder 70er - Exhibition at Kurpfälzisches MuseumIt was a time of worldwide fundamental political changes, numerous technical innovations (data processing…), and at the same time the radicalization of political groups which led into the late 1970ies forms of extremism.

In Heidelberg it was the time after the peak of the student’s protests and a load of new concepts emerged. The anti-nuclear movement , women’s movement , „Spontis“, Communist-groups , men’s groups and residential communities – the 1970s were the decade, that Heidelberg has changed the most, with exceptional after-effects until today. Sexual revolution, a counter-public , international solidarity , self-managed alternative projects and exuberant creativity are the buzzwords of this time

In parallel, the city administration decided to fundamentally change the old town through restoration measures and to create the Emmertsgrund as a new district. And it also was a time of architectural blunders, which show their visual impact to the day.

At the „Kurpfäzisches Museum“ this time is presented with “finds” from the 70s, paintings, prints, film posters and installations, completed with interviews with witnesses , to document this fascinating piece of Heidelberg’s younger history.

Kurpfälzisches Museum der Stadt Heidelberg
Hauptstraße 97
69117 Heidelberg


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  1. The text below, roughly translated…

    The poster costs 6 Euro and the postage is € 17,40 for a rolled up poster in a shipping tube or € 4,-, folded in an envelope A4.

    The money has to be sent upfront and the shipping starts, when the money arrived. You might contact B. Elffner directly via E-mail: bettina.elfner@heidelberg.de

    Kind regards



    Die Kosten hierfür belaufen sich auf 6,00 Euro für das Plakat zu diesem Betrag kämen dann noch die Versandkosten nach Kanada hinzu.

    Es gibt 2 Möglichkeiten diese zu verschicken:

    Falls es gerollt verschickt werden soll, kämen noch 17,40 Euro Portokosten hinzu – oder wenn es geknickt in einem Umschlag ( DIN A4 ) verschickt werden soll kämen dann noch 4,00 Portokosten hinzu.

    Bei Auslandsüberweisungen besteht Vorkasse.

    Das heißt, Sie bekommen per Mail eine Rechnung.

    Sobald das Geld bei uns auf dem Konto eingegangen ist wird das Poster verschickt.

    Wir benötigen eine schriftliche Bestellung.

  2. Achtung: Nicht sprechen ze deutsch

    My name is Maxwell Kates and I am a tourist from Canada who recently visited Heidelberg. I attended the Wild 70s exhibit at the art gallery and wanted to buy a poster but I could not fit it into my suitcase.

    Is there a way to order the poster by mail? Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your assistance.

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