Heidelberg’s Twin Cities: Kumamoto – Samurai in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has some wonderful Twin Cities. Cambridge in Great Britain, Montpellier in Southern France, Rehovot in Israel, Simferopol in the Ucraine, Bautzen in Germany (former East Germany), Mostar in Bosna and Herzegowina, Calamba City in the Philippines and last not least Kumamoto in Japan.

Kumamoto ist the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu and home of the famous landmark Kumamoto Castle, a large and, in its day, extremely well fortified Japanese castle. A perfect connection to Heidelberg. The partnership with Kumamoto even made it possible to see some Samurai in Heidelberg.

The friendship between Kumamoto and Heidelberg is cultivated by the “Heidelberger Freundeskreis Kumamoto“. Other ressources for the japanese – german connections are:

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