Heidelberg Castle Illumination and fireworks

The spectacular castle illuminations with fireworks attract not only thousands of local visitors, but enthusiastic viewers from all over the world in June, July and September each year. On sunny days, the northern riverside of the Neckar fills up with people, equipped with blankets and picnic supplies. They enjoy the afternoon and wait for the illumination. The nocturnal entertainment starts about 22 p.m.

Besides the location on the riverside, you could  walk up the “Philosopher’s Walk” on the hill opposite the castle, or enjoy the spectacle from the old town or the castle itself. The local Rhein-Neckar-Fahrgastschifffahrt, with its ships, stay on the Neckar throughout the event and combine the airy colours with their reflections in the river.

The fireworks has a 400 year old tradition, as the first one was held by the Elector-Palatinate, Friedrich V, who brought his bride Elisabeth Stuart in 1613 to Heidelberg and gave her a welcome with a glorious fireworks.


The 2014 schedule:

June, 07th, 2014

July, 12th, 2014

September 06th, 2014



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